Ariadne Kapsali


Ariadne is a Psychological Life Coach, Mental Health professional and Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about empowering people to become full versions of themselves and learn to trust their intuition to overcome anxiety, stress and fearful living and move towards personal growth. She has extensive experience supporting clients overcome personal challenges and achieve life goals, deal with anxiety disorders, depression, pain and addictions while working in various health and mental health services and the NHS since 2005. Her journey of self exploration and healing with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other holistic tools, inspired Ariadne to work on bridging the gap between mainstream psychological services and ‘alternative’ therapies. She offers a unique style of holistic psychological coaching which integrates her professional training in Psychology, her yoga and meditation training, life coaching, mindfulness and more. Ariadne’s sessions are positive, grounded and nurturing, promoting a sense of clarity, intention and balance.

Qualifications & Training

BSc Psychology (UCL)

MSc Health Psychology (City University)

PGDip CBT Interventions for Depression and Anxiety (UCL)

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (Yogacampus)

Diploma in Life Coaching (BYCA)

MBSR/Mindfulness for use with clients (BPS)