Fermenting for Mind Body Gut Balance, By Nutritional therapist, Katie Wheaton

Fermenting is one of the biggest food trends around and for good reason. The root of all health begins in the gut and as Hippocrates once stated ‘all disease begins in the gut.’  There is even new research to suggest that the microbes in our guts have their own circadian rhythm and by eating irregularly or too late at night you can upset your army.  Many of us don’t consume enough fermented foods though and are suffering from poor digestion, low energy, and low mood.  Your gut microbiota  consists of microorganisms known as probiotics  which live in the intestines and can be easily upset by common lifestyle factors such as stress, low fiber diets, antibiotics, and not spending enough time outside connecting with nature.  We are now reestablishing our relationship with our microbiome and acknowledging that it  is  symbiotic rather than parasitic.  To uphold this we must eat fermented foods, such as kimchi, kombucha, kefir, miso.  I’m making a batch of elderflower vineger to make seasonal dressings from in my summer salads.  In return they will support digestion, immune function, synthesize nutrients such as serotonin the feel good hormone,  aid nutrient metabolism, and prevent pathogenic bacteria from colonizing.

What we eat, influences our microbes, our brain function, our emotions, and our immune function, so we need a healthy gut microbiome for optimal wellbeing.

Do you have a good gut feeling?  Nutritional Therapy can restore the microbial balance by eating the right food for your gut bacteria.

Katie is a Nutritional Therapist who offers Microbiome Reset Programmes to support whole body balance and positive vitality.  To find out more about her consultations visit ktwheatonpersonalizednutrition.co.uk and book in for a consultation.

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