Our aim is to create a place where you can learn, be inspired, connect with others and grow.
Join us for one our specially curated Saturday Series or guest workshops. Try something new, 
develop existing skills and meet like minded people in your community. Or, if you have knowledge that you’d like to share, why not host your own?

  • 28TH JULY 2018
    w/ Simone Salvatici & Benita Glogowska
    28th July 2018, 8-10pm, £20

    Once a month, join our resident sound practitioners for a powerful double gong Sound Immersion. Close your eyes and open your ears, as we dive into a journey of sound and the senses!
    A Sound Immersion is created using gongs and a variety of instruments, with a trajectory of sounds that are designed to induce states of profound physical relaxation, meditation and general wellbeing. Laying down on mats participants will be saturated and cocooned in the live sounds of high quality Gongs, singing bowls, crystals bowls, a shruti box and rainsticks.
  • 18th AUGUST 2018


    w/ Steve Wilson
    Saturday 18th August, 2-3pm, £20

    In this practical workshop you will learn the alchemy of how to make kimchi and kombucha at home, the nutritional benefits of fermented food, and how to improve your gut health.
    Steve Wilson is a chef and entrepreneur. He is a cookery teacher at Made in Hackney, and Founder of Make Kit, a vegan and vegetarian recipe box service. He previously founded The People’s Kitchen, a community food surplus kitchen, and Dalstons, a low sugar natural soft drinks company. He loves sharing his knowledge of cooking with others.