Meet Anja Schall, Postnatal Pilates Teacher


New to The Well Garden, Postnatal Pilates is a specialist Pilates class for all mums and babies from six weeks after birth, 10-­12 weeks post c-­section,­ up until your little one is crawling. Only after pregnancy are we able to work towards an entirely new centre starting from a plain canvas. It is a brilliant time to start or return to Pilates. Through the classes you will learn how to regain strength safely, relieve tension and stabilise the still very mobile body. Pilates works functionally and will enable you to transfer what you have learned to make positive changes in your everyday life. We meet the lovely Anja Schall, Postnatal Pilates teacher, and all round super-mum.

Q. What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher?
Probably the sheer movement nerd in me who was in search for more understanding of anatomy, mind and body after a dip into physiotherapy and years of dance training and teaching.

Q. What do you love most about teaching?
I truly love teaching. Especially working with all my lovely clients and the new participants who pop into my classes. I very much enjoy the remedial niche I get to work in and to witness the impact the work can have on recovery and wellbeing.

Q. Who are your classes aimed at?
Everyone. Though some classes might be aimed at a specialist group such as pregnant or postnatal clients.

Q. What does your practise mean to you?
I find my work very fulfilling. There are always yet more layers of detail that I start to understand as I go along… and no working day is ever the same. I enjoy going to workshops and dipping into different disciplines but my main inspiration for research and professional development are my clients and working with them is enriching my practice as i go along.

Q. How has your practise changed your outlook on life?
The responsibility that comes with especially the remedial work I do is sometimes huge but to see the impact the practice has is wonderful and I have learned to trust the process. To see someone learning to be at home in her /his body is always the most special moment. It feel great to part of something that’s important or even on ‘the essential list’ of my clients’ lives.

Q. What do you find is the most difficult thing about your practise?
At times balancing many many different needs within one group, though this also allows me to be creative and abandon any great plan I had in mind.

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio?
These days definitely being mum and spending time with my three year old daughter and friends.

Catch Anja every Wednesday at 11am. Click here to sign up for Postnatal Pilates now.

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