A New Year Ritual


By Lily Lawson-O’Neil
– Founder of The Well Garden

Each year, in that quiet breath between Christmas and New Year, I light the fire, lay down on my rug and gently make my way through my end of year ritual.

I use the wheel of life as a guide to go back over the year past and dream up the year future.  It’s very simple and requires a certain amount of peace, that is now a rarity with a bombastic toddler raging around the house, but the potency of this ritual is for me, worth making the time for.  So, come 7pm, when the house goes still, I open my notebook and begin.

– Home – Love – Friends and Family – Money – Work – Fun – Learning –

The wheel of life is a visual tool created to track the balance between what is thought to be all the aspects needed for a happy, fulfilled life.  It’s simplistic, of course, but it’s an easy way to give me the perspective I need to get an overview of my life.

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