Home to a Collective

We’re here to look after you from inside out. Our collective of wonderful practitioners hold space for you to relax, recharge and revitalise through natural movement and medicine.

The Well Garden’s core value is to provide for and help build the wellbeing of the community through inclusivity, empathy, positivity, integrity and embracing nature.  

Our Story

We, the Well Gardeners, are a team of teachers and therapists who all share a life mission: to help people improve their experience of being alive with natural movement and medicine.

Early in 2013 The Well Garden started with one little treatment room above The Russet cafe and one massage therapist. Since then, we have grown into a thriving little studio with a huge range of natural health treatments, yoga classes, gong meditation and workshops.

“Just over two years ago I was standing in a completely blank white cube of a room, wondering how to turn it into a haven of peace for my clients to be able to relax in. They say that when you step on to the right path it is miraculously clear and easy to walk along, and, though I’m not sure life is ever quite that simple, there certainly did seem to be a calling for such a place as The Well Garden. We have grown faster than I could ever have imagined but it’s been so much fun along the way. Every single person who works at The Well Garden believes in sharing the glories of natural health for a happier life and it’s a joy to be part of a team with such a warm and exciting purpose.”

Founder of the Well Garden, Lily Lawson O’Neil