Alex Bottomley


Alex is a fully qualified Reflexologist, graduate of The London School of Reflexology and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. She is also trained in Aromareflex which uses essential oils to enhance the purpose of the session. Alex looks at both your physical symptoms and emotional state, taking an intuitive approach to recognise your individual needs. She creates a bespoke treatment with love and intention, providing you with a safe space to receive healing, allowing your body to find balance and enhance your overall health and well being.


“Reflexology is something I’ve used on and off for a while but it was only when I became pregnant that I really understood and felt the benefits it provided. I had weekly sessions with Alex and I swear it transformed not only my pregnancy but of course, my general wellbeing. Alex has a magic touch that sends you into a deep rest in which you awake feeling completely restored and re-charged. When sickness got bad, she eased it away. When my stress levels rocketed, she eased it away. When I needed energy at the end of the pregnancy, she nourished it back. She’s my go-to for treatments now not just when it’s needed, but for monthly maintenance to keep me feeling well. Thank you Alex.”

“Working in the helping professions, helping myself is often the last thing I do. Alex reminded me of the important of stopping and listening to my body. She helped me to figure out where and what I needed to prioritise. As well as the deep relaxation from reflexology, she changed my relationship to myself.”

“I, like many other people, got to Alex after rushing around like a headless chicken. We started by Alex asking me why I was feeling like I was, after what felt like an eternity I finished rattling on about how stressful my life was. Alex listened, questioned and advised. She has a wonderful, calm way about her and has genuine empathy. The treatment was wonderfully relaxing and insightful. Alex made me aware of some issues within the body and ways to combat these stresses. I have been to a number of individuals who claim to be able to help take my anxieties away however I have never gone back to them. I will certainly book in with Alex again as I feel that she will be able to me move forward and re align my life”

“I arrived for my treatment stressed and hurried, as I had a flat tyre on my bike and so had to leg it in a taxi, just getting there in time. As soon as I walked into the treatment room stress started to drain from my body. Alex asked me why I had chosen this treatment and what I wanted to gain from it, while gently soaking my feet. My main reason was for a shoulder injury which had flared up with stress. I also rattled off the usual, stress, tension, anxiety while she listened.
I was invited to sit back and relax while Alex worked on my feet. I didn’t fall asleep, but was transported to a different place, where my worries and tensions no longer bothered me. While having the treatment, I had warm tingling sensations, mostly around my head and neck, It was a delicious sensation and Alex later explained that these were the reflex points she had been working on.
When time was up, which flew by, I felt like a different person. Tension had left my body and I felt totally relaxed. What a result.
Alex then, post treatment, discussed what she had found through the treatment, which related to areas of discomfort that I had been experiencing and really connected with me. Alex gave some suggestions following the treatment which felt so lovely and personal.
My parting words to Alex when leaving my session were, “you have a talent for this”. I highly recommend her service and suggest you try for yourself.”