Days & Times Available:
10am – 6pm The final Saturday & Sunday of each month

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@kyushi_wellness for services
@kyushi_skincare for products


  • Optimising Skin Health – naturally sculpting, rejuvenating & balancing.
  • Stress & Anxiety relief
  • Balancing the body both internally & externally
  • Releasing trauma & trapped emotions

Treatment Prices:

Bespoke Holistic Facial 60mins £95
Bespoke Holistic Facial 90mins £130
Reiki & Crystal Sound therapy 60mins £95
Reiki & Crystal Sound therapy 90mins £130


Holistic therapist Alice infuses her treatments with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, breathwork, crystal sound therapy, facial reflexology & energy work to restore both body and skin into radiant balance. Her philosophy is that the skin is a reflection of our internal body, healthy skin starts from within by allowing us to address lifestyle, environment, stress, nutrition and toxic overload alongside clean topical high performance skincare we can treat the root cause rather than simply masking symptoms.

Within your treatment Alice takes you on a journey balancing mind, body & spirit. A coach, teacher and student of the skin and body guiding you nutritionally, emotionally & physically. Your treatment does not stop at the treatment table, you will leave with the knowledge and skills to carry on your treatment at home.


Bespoke Holistic Facials

Beginning with an in depth wellness consultation to gain an overall view of your unique body, followed by a facial & energy work completely bespoke to you. Alice draws in all of her skills to leave your mind, body & skin balanced, radiant and healthy.

All facials include targeted skincare routine using a variety of high performance products followed by masque, facial massage, light therapy and a relaxing foot massage.

Following our consultation this unique treatment can include some or all of the following:

Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha facial massage, Reiki, Celluma Red & Blue light therapy, High Frequency, Crystal therapy & Sound therapy.

Reiki & Crystal Sound Therapy:

Alice is a certified as practitioner of both the Usui Reiki Ryoho (The Japanese – Usui Spiritual Energy Method) and Usui Shiki Ryoho (The Western Usui System of Natural Healing) The two together demonstrate the full scope of this beautiful system, each carrying rich information and possibility for our journeys of healing and awakening.

Experience the powerful vibrational frequencies and harmonies of the beautiful Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls creating an atmosphere for deep embodiment and rebalancing of both mind, body & Spirit.

During a session you will lie in a comfortable space with blankets and pillows for your comfort. Entering a state of deep relaxation where you can experience the cellular healing qualities of the sound vibrations & reiki.


”An incredibly relaxing facial. Thank you so much. I literally floated home afterwards! Today my face feels very fresh and soft. I will definitely be back!” – Karen Craig

”The Kyushi Wellness holistic facial and reiki healing might actually be the very best facial and healing session that I have ever experienced. Quite simply incredible. Thank you.” – Nicola Wynne

”I was lucky enough to book in for a facial – the experience from start to finish was absolutely divine.
Kyushi takes a holistic approach to facials and I was left feeling calm, relaxed, lifted and the facial itself was without a doubt the best facial I have ever had. I was left with beautiful soft, toned, radiant and glowing skin.
Highly recommend!
” – Charlotte Carey