Amanda is a practitioner of many Arts, her intention within each practice space is to create a heart felt, fundamental reorientation to our networked, webbed, co-creative existence with the human and more-than-human world. Astrology and Acutonics are practiced in a participatory way in the hope of potentiating all aspects of lived life with a planetary awareness, nurtured into being as a felt awareness that recognises the planets as integral characters in our bio-diverse ecological reality. Developing planetary awareness and perspective through working with your astrological chart, and feeling them vibratory, creates a dialogue within and without of great vivacity.

Much of Amanda’s Astrological training has been in the US where she has found a philosophically contemplative, mythical, ensouled centred astrology more fitting to her sensibility. She has trained with, and received certification from, Adam Sommer’s apprenticeship programme, Nightlight Astrology, The Astrology University and MISPA. She continues to deepen her Astrological knowledge, weaving a deeply informed intuitive practice with a dynamic attentive encounter between sky-chart-client. Acutonics is a pioneering vibrational medicine, also from the US, which combines Daoist medicinal theory and practice with planetary archetypal harmonic healing into a unique sound modality. Our universe is a vibratory weave, Acutonics seeks to attune the mind-body-being matrix to the hum of universal interconnectivity. Planetary vibrations, channelled into the body through tuning forks, heightens one to this dimension of being, whilst also nourishing neurophysiology with the healing properties of the planets. Working on the nervous system in this way can have arresting affects both on and off the couch.

Throughout all practices it is the psycho-spiritual-ecological matrix of existence that Amanda works to awake and inspire, an immanent rather than transcendent way of being and an awakened recognition that we are couched within Psyche – a living, breathing, soulful universe that holds contradiction with elegance – is tough and tender, brave and afraid all at the same time, as too are our own psyche’s. Over the last ten years Amanda has developed a particular quality of relational work, whereby she sits alongside her clients both physically and emotionally – honouring the built relationship as a living, emergent dialogue that attends to a each individual wherever they are at and meets them with whatever is required. Mutual flourishing, along with a radical receptivity, grounds all her work and if she can play a small part in helping you thrive then she would be honoured to do so.

Amanda lives between London and Devon. Devon provides the night sky and sacred land which keeps her ear attuned and her heart alive to the stars and living land. She can work online and in person, her online consults are not compromised by the medium and in fact provide many unexpected, creative ways to situate and illuminate the conversation. All consults adhere to standards and ethical guidelines from APA and ISAR.

“I had the great fortune to cross paths with Amanda at a very challenging time in my life. Her beautiful sensitivity and insights have helped to tap into a part of my psyche that was almost forgotten. Not only is she excellent at explaining the complexities of Astrology in relation to your chart, she makes it a very inspiring language and magical, empowering tool. Amanda’s unique intuition and advice has helped to make sense of some long standing blocks and fears, appreciate who I really am and to embrace my faults with courage. After our sessions I feel very grounded and connected to my myself, in a way that makes me feel truly connected to something bigger. I am forever grateful for her unique guidance, empathy and wisdom” (Lula A – Costume designer and acupuncturist.)