An Astrological Overview of 2020 and 2021


By Amanda Simon

This little piece of writing will hopefully be an invocation of others to come yet an invitation all the same.

2020 was many things Astrologically speaking it was a year of heavy earth elements, with an overload of planets churning the signs of Capricorn and Taurus further activated by Mars at various points of the year. The earth element is an inward, downward moving, solid energy. Earth signs are world builders and sustainers in differing and varied ways.

The tone of the year was also marked by cardinal energy zodiacal signs that instigate the new seasonal turn – Spring, Summer or Winter. They are the pivot point that sets the new season in motion.

Throughout the later part of 2020 it was Aries/ Ram and Capricorn/Sea Goat that were rousing and tussling the energy combined with the square quality of their relating from June 2020 – January 2021, an instigating yet simultaneously jammed up activation.

This might feel quite contrary to your experience or what was happening in the collective which seemed more predominantly static but here we are attuning to the symbolic within the literal. With the combination of these broad strokes, always a risky endeavour, we are speaking to the systemic, the structural that which is often deeply hidden, the tacit assumed underbelly of our personal collective lives, whereby each constitutes the other.

Radical is at the level of the root, lives personal, collective, and international have experienced some kind of tap root 2020 treatment from the matrix of planetary players. Tarot imagery helps images this further. 2020 was the year of the Emperor with Death as the teacher card. trong archetypal characters to have had alongside us through 2020.

2021’s Archetypal resonance is the Hierophant and Temperance. As with Tarot, so with Astrology everything builds on what came before – it is cyclical thinking , spiral time. Elementally 2021 was heralded, and continues to be lit and lived with a great deal of Air. Air signs are the acupuncture activations for 2021 with the Eclipses , Mercury retrogrades and the planetary concentration all working with air waves.

From earth to air is quite an alteration from the rubble of broken systems, those already broken and exposed to those that have become broken, personal and collective, air signs seek to recombine and connect in new tangential breathy ways. Less concentrated than earth the momentum is up and out. Cardinal emphasis has shifted to a fixed emphasis – which creates another kind of pressure zone, at the level of ideas, discussions, thoughts and the sifting of what still retains value, the shifting of what no longer serves and is outdated.

The Hierophant takes us from the Emperor, inviting us to build in practices and process that connecting us up inner ways, to our heart, to the sacred, to the collective, to earth wisdom traditions that can consecrate all that has been broken and exposed yoking, alchemising it into something sustaining and enabling for all.

Spaciousness and airy ease, or ease of breath, may still feel very lacking – in pinched, reduced lives with so much death still in the air. Yet let the images feed and water.

Zodiacal speaking the bull and the celestial water-bearer are the harbingers for the year. The Taurus bull is a sacred creature whose strength of virility and fertility is cross culturally revered. The celestial water-bearer brings perspectives and nourishment from other realms, imaginal fertility of a different kind.

The pressure zone continues but within the transmutation, element shifts and alignments, radical rearrangements are at work. As the moth turns to a butterfly the pupae turns to liquid , a liquid, yet it is a host of imaginal cells within the liquified state that holds the promise of the butterflies becoming.

The planetary process and our interwoven concurrent collective lives are in such a chrysalis moment. Within that there are many micro yet epic alignments and alightings.

Although these are board reflections, offerings and suggestions hopefully some pertinent summons of the collective resonance and personal may be gleaned . More little pieces will pepper this space, if you would like to deep dive with your own Astrological constellatory weave then do book through the Well Garden website.

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