An Offering for Contemplation


By well garden team member and yoga teacher Zane Queijo

A new year represents a turning of the page, and can be compared to the dawning of a new day. As we come to the end of January, the coming year is still ripe with potential for fresh possibilities and deeper learning.

What would it be like to think of 2021 as a yoga mat, and manage our experience throughout the year as we would navigate an asana practice? Adapting, adjusting, and accommodating as needed.

Each day we arrive on the mat, we show up with a slightly different sense of ourselves. Could we approach the unfolding year in the same way we approach our practice – encouraging ourselves to show up without expectation, simply giving what we are able to, day by day? Striving for presence with each breath.

The past year dealt us, collectively, an interesting hand to say the least. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost, or that we need to project worries from the past year, onto the new year. If we think of this new year as a mat rolled out fresh for a new day’s practice, or a meditation cushion arranged for a sitting, we see it steady and waiting for that beautiful dance that occurs within asana or meditation – breathing with what is, letting go, accepting.

Maybe we can feel an energetic lift and inspiration as we begin to navigate the year. In circumstances that feel unchanging, let’s use the present moment to bring awareness to the renewal of each day. Let’s step into 2021 with the same sense of curiosity and presence that we invite in when we  come to our yoga practice.

I invite you to entertain these ideas as you roll out your mat in the coming days and weeks, in these tender and malleable moments. May grace be with you as you move through these early and precious moments into the rest of 2021.

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