Ange Severo

Ange’s journey in Yoga began in 2009 when she started practicing Hatha Yoga with her long time teacher Ro Pacheco in Brazil. She is a 200h Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga London. Since 2016 she has been practicing with Paula Andreewitch who has been her teacher and mentor for the past 3 years. Since 2017 she has been practicing with Stephanie Snyder who has been an inspiration to deepen her studies in Yoga Philosophy which has become one of the pillars of Ange’s journey as a Yoga teacher and student. She is also a Life Coach and Meditation guide. Ange teaches Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga and  her classes are built around a main theme to help the student to center and settle, flowing through a sequence of asanas designed to build up heat, warm the body and  focus the mind. Ange teaches a slow, grounded and mindful flow, combining breathwork and explorative movement inviting space for the practice to naturally unravel.