Bella is an intuitive Usui Reiki Master offering a tailored treatment sensitive to your requirements or simply a relaxing session which can take your mind off the daily grind. Bella can help facilitate self-healing and energy flow, offering support with your emotional and mental well being, spirituality, peace and balance, or assist the physical body during a short or long term illness alongside medical treatment. 

Bella has completed her Master level certification and works with Usui Reiki energy, using her intuition and personalised intention for you. She works with light and soft touch, mostly hands-off Reiki and is respectful of boundaries and all clients’ needs. The overall experience is enjoyable and some clients have seen colours or visuals, experience a floating or out of body type feeling, energy moving within the body or sense “helping hands”, a phenomena of more than two hands working at the same time. 

Bella is a gentle and empathetic practitioner who loves nature, plants and the elemental world. Her connection to the spiritual strengthens her belief that it is beneficial to clients to balance chakras and recharge energy regularly.

Bella's Focus:

Emotional and mental wellbeing
Relieve stress
Boost energy and physical health
Complementary therapy for illness
Facilitate self-healing
Spirituality and connection
Peace and sense of self
Release blocks and balance chakras

Saturday 11am – 3pm

45mins £50
60mins £60
20min add on £20