Class Times:
Fridays 6:30 – 7:30pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Fridays 8:00 – 9:00pm Gong Meditation

Email address:

IG: @benitayoga


Benita is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Gong Practitioner.

My yoga journey started at an intense moment in my life, with a stressful banking job and long hours of sitting at the desk, resulting in worse and worse back pain. So what brought me to yoga initially was the physical pain. But as soon as I experienced yoga for the first time I felt there was more to discover and definitely so much to learn and understand about myself and my body. This is how exploration of different styles and aspects of yoga started for me, from dynamic asthanga to slow flows and restorative yoga sessions, refining my own practice according to the needs of my body, especially back injury.

Over a decade later, I’m now fascinated with the functional movements of the human body, discovering and maintaining a healthy mobility, pliability, resilience but also stability and strength. Once we get in touch with our body and find healthy harmony of these qualities to move mindfully, with awareness, then we can find ourselves in the meditative state with rhythmic breathing, slow movement and clear, steady mind. Free from suffering physically, emotionally and mentally.

My exploration of the world of sounds started very early in my childhood but only decades later with the understanding of yoga, meditation, movement of energy I began to discover them again through the powerful sounds of the gongs, crystal bowls and other deeply healing and relaxing instruments, including the human voice.

I’m passionate about these tools of yoga, meditation, mindful breathing and deep listening. I’m passionate about practising them, continuously discovering more and then sharing what I experience and understand, with others. These practices have the potential to relax, to heal, to transform our lives.