Bringing An Awareness to Seasonal Change

by Ruth Iles

at The Well Garden

As the wheel of the year turns once more into autumn, spreading vibrant autumnal hues throughout the trees, giving life to the miraculous mycelium network formed from the decay on the forest floor, and the night breathing more deeply, covering us in its dark blanket for longer, it feels like a very magical time.

However, it can also be a challenging time for many people. The sharp contrast between the long drawn-out evenings of late summer to (what feels like) the sudden short days of autumn. Even if S.A.D. doesn’t affect you, the shift in temperature and light can still affect you. This is why self-care is so important at the moment.

For women, autumn in the monthly cycle is the week preceding our period. The archetypes that represent our autumn are vixen, enchantress, priestess – what do you think of when you read those types? For me they evoke magic, wisdom, assertiveness, creativity, sexuality, spirituality All amazing strong powerful paradigms, perfectly entwined with Samhain/ Halloween. However if we push ourselves in this time (monthly or in the year) with the same energy we express in spring and summer we are often left irritable, deflated and exhausted. As in nature and our bodies, autumn is a time to slow down, in order to still be productive and enjoy this transcendental time of the year.

Massage is a great tool in helping you unwind in the aftermath of a chaotic summer, helping to calm your nervous system, allowing you to be still and truly listen to the needs of your body. Let’s honour and respect out mental and physical health this autumn with some much needed self care.

For massage, and too learn more about women’s monthly cycles – and how you can use each season to your advantage, book in with me at The Well Garden on Tuesday afternoons. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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