For us, everything moves, flows, and springs like water, and our yoga and movement based practices will help you to connect your body, your mind, and your emotions, and to flow effortlessly and gracefully with your life and others. Yoga and movement nourish and give peace in an often frantic world. We have a wide range of classes so that you can find the style and inspiration perfect for you. Each teacher brings something completely unique to the mat, and you will be able to create with them something very special for your practice. You are very welcome to look at all our wonderful teachers’ biographies and the description of their individual classes. All our classes are very creative, contemporary and open to some forms of lovely experimentation as set by our teachers in any given class.


We’ d love you to join us and celebrate all your senses. Gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, and it vibrates at the same frequency as the body creating a deep sense of relaxation that eases you into a state of meditation. Sound gives you what your body needs and the healing effect is often profound: it can balance, restore, relax and re-energise. Join us for Gong Meditation every Monday, Tuesday and Friday evening. We also hold monthly Sound Immersions, with both of our sound practitioners for a more powerful immersive experience. Our beautiful sessions bring different elements each time, including new instruments, and different melodic journeys.. You will be able to enhance your awareness and deeply nourish your creativity.


(*Places for Gong Meditation must be booked individually online. If you would like to book multiple places please call reception on 0203 095 9735.)


Open level

Open to all, whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or are a more experienced practitioner, our teachers will adjust the practice accordingly with modifications and intentions dependent on both the individual and the communal needs of the class. 

Level  1

A slower passed class with to space to look at the asanas (postures) from the ground up, play with how to make safe transitions, introduce breath work to support our practice and begin to explore how we can practice yoga to deepen our understandings of ourselves through mindfulness and meditation.  Perfect for beginners, those newer to yoga and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the foundations of yoga.

Level 2

With a concentrated focus on deep exploration of asana, pranayama and meditation this class offers you more variations on postures, precise anatomical instructions and faster passed transitions. This class is suitable for those with a regular established practice and those looking to develop their understanding.