Class Times:
Wednesdays 6:15pm – 7:30pm Moon Yoga for Women 
Saturdays 10:15pm – 11:30pm Soft Vinyasa

Yoga has been in my life since I was 15, at the time it was a unique way to move my body that encouraged me to think about my breath, which led to thinking about life itself. Even though movement wasn’t what I chose to study at university, I believe that my art history degree helped me become ultra aware of the world around me, the conventional beautiful aspects of it as well as the conceptual. The older I grew the more of ‘myself’ I saw in yoga, coming ‘home’ every time I stepped onto a mat. This precisely is the feeling I wish for my students to leave the class with, like they’ve spent an hour discovering themselves. I chose to certify with Jivamukti, as I found the method’s approach to be incredibly holistic, emphasising on philosophy as much as on movement therefore highlighting the importance of meditation, not solely asana practice. As a specialisation I am incredibly passionate about serving women by teaching prenatal yoga, women’s yoga and women’s circles. I feel like the safe, sacred space of the female environment creates a beautiful vessel for a truly soothing and enriching practice.