Danila has been practicing Yoga since 1999. At this time she also became interested in Massage. Whilst travelling across Thailand in 2000 she stumbled across a traditional practice that combines both the use of Yoga and Massage together and she decided to study further. This led her to gaining qualifications from two of the most prominent schools in Chiang Mai – the ITM and the Old Chiang Mai Medicine Hospital.

Keen to expand her knowledge even more she chose to complement her traditional training with western skills by obtaining her Anatomy, Physiology & Massage Diploma with ITEC in 2002. Over the years she has explored various other forms of Massage and obtained qualifications in Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy treatments as well as traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

Combining her extensive knowledge of both eastern & western techniques she creates unique treatments which are specifically tailored towards the needs of each individual client. These techniques include stretching, meridian work, deep and rhythmic pressure to promote tension relief, healing, flexibility, muscle alignment as well as stress release and relaxation.


I had a thai yoga massage from Danila and felt about 2 feet taller after! She treated my whole body and paid more attention to areas that felt extra tight, taking her time to really stretch out all my kinks. I would highly recommend getting a treatment from Danila! – Lucy