Elif Kilinc

Elif has a raw passion for holistic healing and is trained and qualified in many different areas of health, wellness and human development. As well as being a Reiki Master Teacher she is also trained and certified in Life Coaching, CBT, Gestalt Therapy, EFT, Astrology, Nutrition, Yin Yoga, Anusha Energy Healing and Soft Tissue Therapy.

She uses a fusion of healing energies and therapy techniques for each session. Her style is very intuitive and adaptable.

Reiki is a widely popular and well known form of energy healing which originated in Japan. The word ‘Reiki’ literally translates in to life force energy. It is a powerful healing modality that helps you feel a sense of calmness, peace and allows you to let go of stress.  

Anusha is a loving, gentle and powerful energy, it eliminates your need to look outside of yourself to external things or other people and facilitates looking inside and recognising that you already have all you ever wanted, by simply connecting with your own wisdom, your inner knowing.


Energy Healing (Reiki & Anusha)

Energy Healing is beneficial for anyone who wants to feel a sense of peace, let go of things that no longer serve, release emotion, recharge their batteries, energetically and spiritually detox and much more.