Emmy Lopes

Emmy has been practising yoga for 14 years, initially training 10 years ago with QiYoga, which interweaves Hatha yoga with QiGong. Her practice is always developing through study with teachers such as Simon Low, Max Strom and Kate Ellis, who provide influence and inspiration. Emmy is also a practicing artist and illustrator.

Hatha yoga– a mindful and breath-centred class to bring awareness into your body and the present moment. Ha-tha yoga (sun/moon or yang/yin) is designed to bring balance and harmony to body mind and spirit. This class weaves together breath work, postures, meditation and philosophy to nourish and refresh you on a Friday morning. Emmy believes in the transformative power of yoga both on and off the mat and that yoga is for everyone irrespective of strength, flexibility, age and stress levels. This class is suitable for beginners but with options and modifications offered for wherever you are on your yoga journey.


HATHA YOGA  9:45am-10:45am