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Weekdays flexible times between 9am – 8pm
Potential availability over weekends if booked in advance

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  • Individual growth and self awareness
  • Exploring personal cycles, how to be aligned and make the most of it
  • General insights on more empowered and creative decisions or actions that support your core essence
  • Help with achieving a larger perspective and attribute meaning to life
  • Fostering the development of personal responsibility in relation to empowerment and creating a more fulfilling life
  • Supports authenticity and understanding personal core values

Treatment Prices:

Astrological or Tarot Consultation:

30 minutes – 45 pounds
40 minutes – 55 pounds
60 minutes – 75 pounds
120 minutes – 130 pounds

A mix of Tarot and Astrology is also offered for an additional 30 pounds to the regular prices above.


I am originally from Brazil, where I graduated in History before moving to the UK in 2008. Since then, I did Reiki level one and two at the London Reiki Academy in 2011, got my certificate with distinction at the London School of Astrology in early 2015, did a level one course on Bach flower remedies in Bath in 2017 and I am currently working on my masters’ thesis for the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Education and personal development are of paramount importance to me, and in my work, the client’s growth and wellbeing is always my priority. I like to interpret and use astrology/tarot as a way of brainstorming and expanding meaning in order to enhance empowerment rather than giving stifled interpretations that, in my view, would limit and potentially have only negative or fearful connotations.

I work with humanistic and psychological astrology and I am fond of its premise which says that what happens within finds its way and manifests without as well, and in particular the idea that the amount of free will one has, in many cases, is intrinsically connected with the process of expanding consciousness. The more we know ourselves the more able to choose how to interact with others and life’s situations rather than being unconsciously reactive.

Some of my work has been published by Flare UK, the Astrological Journal from the Astrological Association of Great Britain, IAM Infinity Magazine, Vice Brazil, and on the well known and respected astrodienst website. I have been teaching astrology around the UK and online, including a series of webinars created by me and talks for many astrological groups and organizations like the Kepler’s College, the AFAN and at the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s annual conference. I have been seeing clients since 2014.


I offer one to one astrology / tarot readings in 3 different options of time and prices: 30 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

They are usually conducted via Zoom (there is also the possibility of doing it in person when viable), where the session is recorded and then sent to the client.

I believe that astrological symbols, in order to be interpreted with more depth, always need to be grounded in individual context and for that reason my consultations are always dialogue based and I do not (usually) offer written reports.

Basic Natal reading: Interpretation and prognostication using different techniques to see what major themes are playing out for the year ahead – this is the most popular service, and major concerns from the client can be focused upon request (career, relationships, family life, etc.)

Compatibility between mother and child: This is a great option if you are seeking to understand deeper issues, psychological dynamics and how to best support your child in their process of becoming an authentic individual.

Astrocartography: This is a fun service which enables you to achieve a deeper understanding regarding how geographic places can potentially affect you. It is particularly useful if you are planning a long trip or are interested in moving abroad.

Love relationship compatibility (2 hours): This is a consultation using different techniques to discuss how one person affects the other, the main themes of the relationship as an entity of its own, potential challenges and assets. I do not offer shorter sessions on relationship astrology as it is a complex and deep subject involving more than one person / chart to prepare.

Tarot: A session could be done based on specific questions that the client has or a general overview of the different areas of life and their major current themes.


‘I had a first time reading with Fernanda and I got so much out of it. She is brilliant – very intuitive, professional & friendly and really knows her stuff. The reading was more personality/psychology based and less future predicting, which I liked. It gave me direction and lots to reflect on about myself and my choices. I absolutely recommend Fernanda!’ Sophia – Greece

‘It really is SUCH a treat to have an astrology reading with Fernanda! She is so personable, professional, knowledgeable, thorough, sensitive and positive. You can really feel the passion she has for astrology reading, she transmits it to you, sensitively…and together with reading your chart, she is also always listening and engaging with you, interpreting the chart together with you, letting it unfold in a two-way process. A true healing and enlightening experience. Thank you Fernanda!’ Sara – UK

I’m really into astrology and I have been studying by myself for a while and had a few experiences with different astrologers. But I never had seen something like Fernanda does. The chart is not pieces of puzzles to her to put together, it’s a whole! She can see all at the same time! It was a beautiful encounter with this talented human being! Marilha – Brazil

Had an amazing session with you last week Fernanda! You really put a few confused thoughts into a digestible context for me. It was great how you formed potential links of my life to the chart. It’s been really crazy/ great walking around with these insights this week. Thanks for recording it for me too because I feel like I might listen back to it in a year’s time and hear completely new things. Really appreciate all the work and passion you put into the session. Bloody great it was Hayley – UK