Helen Stewart Cox

Helen’s passion lies in weaving the ancient wisdom of Hatha yoga with a modern understanding of functional movement and anatomy into elegant, intuitively sequenced flows.  The style of practice she offers is physically challenging but fluid, balanced and playful in order to help you tune into an experience of grace and freedom in your own body – encouraging you to explore the many aspects and layers of yourself revealed on the mat.  She trained originally with Frog Lotus Yoga in 2015 and has subsequently trained in pregnancy yoga with Lushtums and Vajrasati Yoga at an advanced level.

Vinyasa Flow with Helen

Enjoy breathing and flowing through a series of intuitively sequenced postures to get you feeling into every part of your being – from fingers and toes to head and heart.  We will explore some more creative transitions and challenging asana like arm balances and inversions, but the essence of the practice is the same – to refine our fluency in the language of sensation as we play with movement:  Where can you feel feel the breath now? What is the balance of tension, weight and effort in the body in this shape? By listening and responding in this way, we notice the patterns we are stuck in and can gradually begin to guide ourselves towards a state of yoga – an overall feeling of greater freedom, ease and connection.  The class is strong but there will always be plenty of options to enable you to challenge your edges and steadily grow in confidence while practising in a way that feels relevant and safe for you.