As of May this year we have begun our journey re-building our programme and welcoming more teachers and therapists to our practitioner collective. TWG collective focuses on nurturing deep and lasting health in the individual and in the community.

Our Collective is

Be a part of our supportive community of yoga teachers, therapists, clients and students.

We always love to meet new therapists and teachers so please feel free to send us your CV, making sure to include information on your training and how long you have practised/ taught.

Send an email over to and one of the team will get back to you!

Our Space:

Our 3 treatment rooms and studio are highly versatile; suitable for consultations, talking therapies and both floor and table work. Through our team of practitioners and teachers we take an integrative approach to wellness and have worked hard to bring together practitioners we believe in.

We have a collaborative marketing scheme where we work alongside all our practitioners to curate promotional material to diversify our clientele and maximise our offerings.

The Well Garden offers varying rental pricing options that support you while you build your practice, with booking support assisting with online and in-person bookings.

Jobs & Volunteering:

We are not hiring at the moment, but please do get in touch for volunteering! There is always space for an extra pair of hands in our community.

For all of the above please email your CV to and tell us a bit about yourself.