Kim Romanik

Chronic back pain and endless visits to the chiropractor drove Kim to explore yoga for the second time. Kim believed that the body could heal itself, and saw yoga as an investment in a fully functioning body and a long term answer to eradicating  pain from her everyday life. 11 years later and she has never looked back. In 2015, Kim completed her first teacher training in London and in 2016, completed yin yoga teacher training with The Yin Space in Australia.
Practicing yoga has taught Kim how to listen to the body, because the mind has too much chatter; that everything is always changing; and that self love and self compassion is the biggest thing you can practice if you want to make a positive difference in the lives and world around you.
Kim’s vinyasa flow classes will have you sweating with a creative flow, but keep your breath and mind calm with her soothing voice. Kim encourages playfulness and invites students to become explorers of their own body, often incorporating heart focused and grounding themes to help take students a little closer to their truth.


YIN YOGA 5:00PM-6.15PM