Last night a DJ saved my life.

Last night a Dj saved my life from a… Well, not a broken heart as such but a very sore neck, painful shoulders, and ham strings as tight as a drum. Afflictions which, granted don’t garner that much lyrical attention in disco but I’m sure affects every diva every once in a while. And, considering my dance-moves resemble a chimpanzee shaking from getting its fingers stuck in a socket, rather than sashaying like Chaka Khan, it’s no wonder my back is packing more knots than a catamaran crossing the Atlantic. So save me DJ, aka DJ Culic, holistic and hot stone massage extraordinaire, well and truly did – with his divine hands and a deep tissue massage.

It was a moment where I decided I well and truly love my job. I don’t want to be smug. I really don’t. Because believe me, we do experience moments of stress like every small business does… even though it’s hard to believe stepping into the tranquil four walls of The Well Garden but unfortunately it happens. And I had a week where, let’s just say, I bit off slightly more than I could chew. And it chewed me up inside. I stressed. And stressed. And stressed. I didn’t take time to yoga, I didn’t relax, I didn’t breathe, I didn’t eat well. Quite frankly I was a hypocrite: I didn’t practice what I normally preach and I ended up a knotted mess.

So when DJ offered me a massage, thank you I said. But make it quick – I had things to do. I wasn’t in the mood to relax, I didn’t want to zone out or calm down, I wanted energy, I wanted productivity, I wanted a clear mind, relaxed shoulders, I wanted to get up and get on with my day. He could feel it. He tuned in to what I needed and came at me with such energy I could feel it pierce through me and obliterate those nasty knots that had knitted together over time. This DJ threw shape after shape down on my back, my neck, my hamstrings. His hands, arms, elbows worked quickly – skilfully mixing rhythms and dropping the pressure as he lay down move after move.

He kept the tempo upbeat but I slowly mellowed, melting into his hands. And when he finished my back, oh how sad I was that it was over. If only I hadn’t said 30 minutes. My work could wait. But how could I ask for more? Well this DJ didn’t stop. He gave me one more area, and then one more. He worked on my calves which were tough as an old cow, he moved to my feet, my hands, my arms, my neck, my head. Every bit even better than the one before building into a crescendo until my body felt loose, my blood was pumping, i was in the moment, I let go. And then the massage was over and I got stoned. With hot stones that is, all over my body, releasing toxins, opening up the blood flow, warming me all over, leaving me with a warm and fuzzy glow.

Wow, that was good. One serious power hour. I left the room invigorated. Rejuvenated. Uplifted. DJ gave me back the energy to keep on spinning those plates, to keep moving forward, to carry on dancing through these busy and beautiful days of our lives.

Kat x

DJ offers deep tissue, holistic, and hot & cold stone massage therapy at The Well Garden. To book an appointment, contact

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