Meet Ariadne, Psychological Life Coach, Mental Health Professional and Yoga Teacher


We feel entirely blessed to have the wonderful Ariadne Kapsali, Psychological Life Coach, Mental Health professional and Yoga Teacher, joining us at The Well Garden.  Ariadne is passionate about empowering people to become full versions of themselves and learn to trust their intuition to overcome anxiety, stress and fearful living and move towards personal growth. She has extensive experience supporting clients overcome personal challenges and achieve life goals, deal with anxiety disorders, depression, pain and addictions while working in various health and mental health services and the NHS since 2005. Her journey of self exploration and healing with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other holistic tools, inspired Ariadne to work on bridging the gap between mainstream psychological services and ‘alternative’ therapies. She offers a unique style of holistic psychological coaching which integrates her professional training in Psychology, her yoga and meditation training, life coaching, mindfulness and more. We catch up with Ariadne to find out what inspires her and her tips for healthy living.

What inspired you to become a practitioner?
I grew up in Greece and originally wanted to be an astronaut (!). When I realised I probably won’t be getting to the moon, I became aware of the desire I had to work with people, harness the power people have to create amazing change. I initially was drawn to helping people cope better. I realised I had the strength to be with difficulty and distress and hold space for people going through major challenges. I moved to London to study Psychology, and completed an undergraduate and then a Masters in Health Psychology. I have worked in health and mental health services (forensics, depression/anxiety, addictions, trauma) for the past 10 years. I also trained to offer low intensity CBT interventions for anxiety and depression.

Throughout this journey, I constantly questioned what my purpose was. I thought I had it; it was to help people. But this was not enough and soon it led to burnout.

My yoga and meditation practice was my lighthouse. I was lost and it helped me return home, to me. I realised how I blindly followed a path because I could do it, not because I really wanted to. My motivation became being addicted to achievement and I lacked true passion. Turning inwards I started to deeply know myself, bit by bit, peeling off the layers. I learned to listen to my inner guidance, respecting my own needs and letting go of expectations. This journey led me to study to become a yoga teacher in what was one of the most transformative periods of my life.  Teaching and studying yoga is humbling and truly soul fulfilling for me.

Combining my love for yoga, self development and psychology led me into coaching. Now, with the fusion of my psychology background, yoga teaching and life coaching experience, I help people to live life on their own terms: I encourage them to lean in a little further and not shy away from digging a little deeper.

What do you love most about the therapy / treatment you practice?
I am truly amazed by the powerful transformations I witness in my clients and the power that comes with having clarity and intention behind your actions. I am so inspired by the strength, resilience and beauty that resides in all of us. My mission is simply to support people to create space for what truly matters, connect to themselves and their intuition and take charge of their lives. To teach them to be present, fully in their own skin and live with intention.

What benefits have you seen from your treatments?
My clients have come back to me with a great variety of results ranging from reduced stress and anxiety, greater sense of life/work/family balance, writing a book, starting their own business, nurturing their marriage, successfully managing fear and panic attacks, learning to deal with negative thinking and perfectionism, improved health and general wellbeing, greater self confidence and self esteem and a sustained meditation/spiritual practice.

What are your top 3 tips for living a healthy, calm and joyful life?

  1. Spend time outside in nature and play
  2. Sit quietly for 5 minutes a day (no phone, no laptop, no TV – just you and your breath)
  3. Make self care your top priority

Ariadne is running Mindfulness Meditation sessions every Tuesday lunchtime and offering Psychological Coaching and private mindfulness sessions at The Well Garden. Give us a call on 0203 095 9735 for more information and to book.

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