Meet Isabell – Senior Yoga Teacher

We asked Isabell a few questions about her inspiration, practise and classes, so you can get to know her a little better! Isabell can be found teaching her wonderful creative Vinyasa Flow Classes on Monday Lunchtimes – 1.15- 2.15pm at The Well Garden.

What inspired you to become a teacher in this practise?

It enables me to share what I love and am excited about at work – a continuation of the values I find meaningful and worth cultivating in my own life.

What do you love most about teaching?

Sharing what is so close to my heart and having amazing students to support me on this journey. Seeing the benefit yoga has brought into some of my students’ lives is my greatest inspiration.

Who are your classes aimed at?

Anyone who wants to breathe, keep the body strong, flexible and healthy, reduce stress, rumination and negative emotions and bring more kindness and compassion into their lives.

What does your practise mean to you?

It continues to build the basis – physically, emotionally and mentally – for understanding, clarity, meaning and happiness in my life. It shows me that this is actually possible – not that it always works, but it’s an option and I have a choice.

How has your practise changed your outlook on life?

It helps me to develop the awareness to be kinder to myself and others more often. It opens my eyes to when I’m angry or upset before I react and download all that onto the world around me. It helps me to be more patient and content. And at least occasionally be awake to my life as it happens…

What do you find is the most difficult thing about your practise?

Constantly reminding myself that the real practice doesn’t take place on the mat or cushion, but is life itself.

Have you been to any retreats, events or festivals that you’d recommend to your students?

I would always recommend meditation retreats to deepen our practice of self enquiry and developing skills for a meaningful and happy life. I practice in the Buddhist wisdom (Vipassana) tradition and take most of my retreats at Amaravati monastery in Hertfordshire.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio?

Practice handstands, make time for people I care about, see some art, read a book, and just generally be a normal human being…

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