Meet Laetitia, Massage Therapist

A few weeks ago, I had an incredible massage. One where the therapist really got into every tight muscle, worked away at all my stresses and strains, aches and pains. Where she really listened to what my body needed and gave me helpful advice to take away with me to help my body to heal. I am now over the moon that Laetitia is joining The Well Garden to share her experience and amazing treatments with you. Here she shares her journey…

Q. What inspired you to become a Massage Therapist?
While travelling in Mexico, I was introduced to Watsu (Water Massage). The treatment takes place in shallow warm water and the person receiving surrenders in the arms of the practitioner. It is like going back to our mother’s womb. All sorts of reaction occurred. I then realised that massage wasn’t just a way of achieving relaxation or a luxury. It is about healing oneself. In other words, reconnecting with that part of our body that has been disconnected for whatever reason. From then on, I decided to learn about massage and healing. I travelled to the other side of the world, Asia to learn Thai massage and share techniques with other body workers coming to Thailand.

Q. What do you love most about being a therapist?
That it is always different, never the same because no one on this planet is the same. I enjoy the exchange of happiness, sharing information and unconditional love. We learn from one another and it’s a beautiful thing.

Q. What benefits have you seen from your treatments?
I have seen recovery from injuries, increase in mind body awareness, stress relief, more motivation and self esteem.

Q. How can your therapy target a specific health problem i.e. anxiety, stress, back pain, immune system etc
I will use all the tools I have on board to target the cause of a specific problem, including postural assessment, tests and will also advise on lifestyle, exercises, stretching and general well being.

Q. Why is a holistic approach important to you?
This is the only effective approach that exists. This is the beauty of life: Being different!

Q. Has becoming a holistic health practitioner changed your outlook on life?
This is a life journey. It has changed my life in the way that it has helped me to know who I am, how my body works and to understand how my mind has the strongest influence on it.

Q. Have you been to any holistic retreats, events or festivals that you’d recommend?
I would recommend travelling in any country outside of Europe with no plan whatsoever. Go with no expectation and be prepared to let go and learn. Learn from people, their culture and their way of seeing life. Eventually you will find a retreat, whatever it will be, it will be the one for you.

Q. What are your top 3 tips for living a healthy, calm and joyful life?
Live in the present moment
Think positive even in the darkest moments

Laeticia specialises in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai massage. Call 0203 095 7735 or email to book an appointment.

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