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Rochelle Batten is an Integrative Counsellor, MBACP, MSc, BSc with over 10 years’ experience of working in mental health. Rochelle offers both brief therapy (6-12 weeks) and longer term work and has worked with both young adults and adults in a range of settings.  Her approach holds the relationship between the client and the counsellor at the core of the work.  Rochelle uses an integration of Psychodynamic, Person-centred and CBT approaches to best suit the client.  She encourages clients to bring creative expression into the sessions in the form of writing, photography, music and poetry if it supports their work together.

WG: What inspired you to become a practitioner?

RB: I volunteered as a helpline worker for many years some time ago and realised that I wanted to move in to the field of emotional support and well-being. On reflection I realise this move was driven by the personal as well as the professional and a motivation to better understand my own history.  Over the next 10 years, working with each service user and client has provided me with an opportunity to see how useful therapy can be and learn something new about myself in the process. 

WG: What do you love most about the therapy / treatment you practice?

RB: Being in a therapeutic relationship with individuals as they change, grow in confidence and become more closely aligned with who they are.

WG: What benefits have you seen from your treatments?

RB: Lessening of presenting symptoms, a better understanding of what might be causing those symptoms, increased level of fulfilment, resilience and self belief, learning of life-long coping mechanisms, greater levels of acceptance of current life situation and stronger healthier relationships with others.

WG: How can your therapy target a specific health problem i.e. anxiety, stress, back pain, immune system etc

RB: People seek therapy for many reasons.  We all experience times of change, uncertainty, loss and the uncomfortable and often painful feelings these can bring.  During these times, therapy can provide you with time and space to be in a particular kind of relationship with a trained professional who can work with you to explore your experiences, acceptance and the possibility of change. You may find that this simply provides you with a place to openly be, without judgement or expectation.

WG: Why is a holistic approach important to you?

RB: Working with the whole person and being led by the client is extremely important in my work.  Our bodies can be affected in often seemingly mysterious ways by our thoughts and feelings. More obvious experiences of this may be those surrounding anxiety and panic.  Distress is experienced differently by everyone so it makes sense to tailor work to the body, mind and spirit.  Those accessing counselling often find this can work well with other forms of holistic treatment.  

WG: Has becoming a holistic health practitioner changed your outlook on life?

RB: I have a better understanding of how our histories may be still be playing out in our present lives.  Working in mental health and well-being has often been a humbling experience and I have certainly become more compassionate as a result.  Working as a practitioner remains me constantly that we are all human and living with the complexity of that every day.

Thanks Rochelle!

Rochelle offers 50min Integrative Counselling sessions at The Well Garden for £50. If you are interested in booking a session or have any further questions please contact The Well Garden reception via phone 0203 095 9735 or via email

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