Meet Szilvi – Shiatsu Massage Therapist

Q. What inspired you to become a practitioner?
After graduating as an economist I have spent a decade in busy business environment and it always felt it was not my real calling. I always wanted to work with and help people. I’ve been thinking about studying psychology but then I came across Shiatsu. I started to receive treatments. I benefited from them a lot on many level, I started to change my lifestyle and way of thinking and after three years I realised that Shiatsu is the one for me and I want to become a practitioner.

Q. What do you love most about the therapy / treatment you practice?
Shiatsu integrates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, it’s theory and diagnostic methods provide an integrative system to understand human body better and to find the cause of the symptoms. A Shiatsu treatment is like a constant conversation between the therapist and the client’s body through touch.

Q. What benefits have you seen from your treatments?
Without guaranteeing any of the following results, as each case and client is different, I have been lucky enough to see the following benefits (just to mention few):

Severe Scoliosis – sense of expansion, freeing up breathing, lightness, inner urge to hold themselves upright.

Fertility clients – emotional relief, feeling pelvis freer (and in some cases getting pregnant)

Overdue labour – initiating labour and preventing induction.

Menstrual problems: reducing symptoms such as PMT, heavy bleeding, cramps, other symptoms

Menopause: reducing symptoms such as night sweat, hot flushes, mood changes, etc.

Anxiety – becoming more relaxed, settling mind, improving sleeping and digestion.

But the most important benefit from my point of view as a therapist is when my clients become more aware of their own body. This is that really makes a difference in the long term. I put a huge emphasis on offering self care options (including exercise, meridian stretches, dietary recommendations, etc).

Q. How can your therapy target a specific health problem i.e. anxiety, stress, back pain, immune system etc

In the oriental approach the reason of any symptom is that some energy is out of balance in the body. The Shiatsu practitioner makes a diagnosis based on what sort of symptoms the client presents, how they feel and how their energy presents itself. Shiatsu aims to address the cause of the symptoms rather than just focusing on the symptom itself.

After making the oriental diagnosis, the practitioner will use different techniques, such as applying pressure on acupuncture points and meridians, manipulative techniques, joint mobilisation, rocking, stretches, muscle energy and fascia release techniques throughout the treatment, to encourage the client’s body to rebalance itself and thereby resolving the symptoms it presents.

The treatment is an ideal combination of physical and energetic techniques and aims the client to switch from the sympathetic to their parasympathetic system, which provides a healing space for body and mind.

Q. Why is a holistic approach important to you?

If you go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa but you are only allowed to see a tiny section of the painting, lets say the iris of her left eye, you’ll just see a dark patch and you will have no clue how it relates to the rest of the painting or what it is that you are exactly seeing.

It is the same if you try to understand human body. Focusing only on a symptom dragged out from the whole being is very limiting. Holistic approach allows you to see the full picture and to put things into context and aim to work with the cause of the symptom rather than focusing only on symptoms.

Q. What are your top 3 tips for living a healthy, calm and joyful life?

Eat well, connect to nature and have regular Shiatsu 😉

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