Meet Yoga Teacher Rachel Perry

What inspired you to become a teacher?

One answer would be that I wanted to share this incredibly useful, healing and fascinating practise with as many people as possible because it had inspired me so much. The other answer would be that I wanted to be able to take free classes at the studios I would end up working at. Both answers are true 🙂

What do you love most about teaching?

The people! I love seeing repeat offenders as much as I enjoy meeting new faces. The people in my classes keep me on my toes as I never really know who I am going to be teaching that day. I love it when students ask me questions at the end of class as it gives me insight into their experience and it also keeps me questioning and discovering as well.

Who are your classes aimed at?

To the best of my ability I aim to make my classes as welcoming as possible to as wide a demographic as the Vinyasa Flow style allows. The nature of vinyasa Flow Yoga requires a certain level of physical fitness so it would be wrong of me to suggest that this specific style of yoga is for absolutely everyone under the sun. That said if you are willing to have a go and are interested in discovering new ways to move and breathe then you are always welcome in my class.

What does your practise mean to you?

It means time to be with me. It doesn’t always involve performing cool poses or doing complex breathing techniques or sitting for hours in meditation…Actually most of the time my yoga is a simple and honest act of connecting back to my inner self and to divinity.

How has your practise changed your outlook on life?

I would say that I am much more aware of my everyday thoughts, actions and habitual patterning. I am better equipped to modify my responses to people and situations that I find challenging and stressful. It seems that when you practice yoga the finger of judgement points squarely at you, encouraging you to take ownership for your life and how you wish it to unravel. Yoga is a bright torch that illuminates all our crap, it’s then up to us individually and collectively to do something about it.

What do you find is the most difficult thing about your practise?

At present I am at a pretty good place with how my practise is unfolding, changing and developing. But in the past my biggest concern was keeping up. Making sure I was reading the right books, doing all the best classes and nailing that cool posture. Aging does have that blissful blessing of caring less what outside eyes think….

Have you been to any retreats, events or festivals that you’d recommend to your students?

I am a bit of a loner when it comes to all things yoga. So I am not the best person to ask 🙂 That said Holly Warren (my teacher) has retreats throughout the year. Check out

What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio?

I love watching my favourite youtube channels when I am relaxing in my bath
Taking my darling dog, Buddy, for walks on Hampstead Heath with my good pal LeylaEating yummy food and drinking delicious coffee!

Rachels Classes are accesible, fun and uplifting! Come and try them for yourself Tuesdays 1.15-2.15pm at The Well Garden.

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