New to The Well Garden – Chavutti Massage

We are so excited to introduce Chavutti Massage to The Well Garden.  Having spent an evening totally blissed out, stretched out and restored as ‘models’ for Helen Noakes’ Chavutti Massage Training Course we were desperate to share this amazing full body massage with you.

Chavutti Thirumal literally meaning “foot pressure” in the Malayalam language and also known as “foot/rope massage”, is a traditional Indian massage technique developed by the Kalari Martial Artists of Kerala India (Kalaripayattu), and it is thought to be approximately two thousand years old. The Kalaripayattu has developed a range of healing modalities known as Kalari Chikitsa, which comprises various massage techniques; Chavutti Thirumal, Marma Massage (Uzhichil), and the application of medicinal herbal oils.

Unlike most massage modalities, Chavutti Thirumal is unique as the feet are used to deliver the treatment. This massage is in fact an art form, with the technique being precisely executed by the practitioner’s foot in long, sweeping therapeutic motions from the fingers to the toes of the recipient.

The main focus of Chavutti Thirumal is to increase flexibility and the position of the recipient’s body on the floor with the therapist holding onto a rope for support has the greatest potential for continuous rhythmical strokes to iron out any tension.  Correctly positioned, the massage enables the postural muscles to strengthen, the hips and thoracic area to open, and the energetic channels (nadi) to become activated. It truly is an exceptional full body massage. 

Candida Valentino, Chavutti Massage Therapist at The Well Garden tells us more…

What inspired you to become a practitioner?
I was inspired when visiting Kerala in South India  in 1994 having received a course of 10 Chavutti Thirumal treatments myself. I discovered that it made such a difference to my body and awareness of my body that  I decided to return in 1996 to learn this excellent treatment. I had learnt other forms of massage but this one seemed the most natural to me both as a receiver and giver.

What do you love most about Chavutti Massage?
I enjoy helping people discover the full potential of space and bliss in their own body and being. It is one of the most nourishing and loving acts to work with the human body.

What benefits have you seen from your treatments?
I have seen people with chronic injuries or conditions recover. People who come who are stiff or weak, get more flexible and stronger. People leave with more body awareness and feel inspired to to take up exercise, yoga and  or meditation. I have treated people of all different ages. Men particularly like it as it is a strong treatment for them and can help with tight muscles. Generally it really helps with the physical body but also calms the mind and nervous system.

How can Chavutti Massage help?
It helps with back pain as I use specific medicinal oils for pain, supports the immune system and it works on the marma  points and nadis, similar to acupuncture or shiatsu. It is a strong treatment on par with western sports massage or deep tissue massage, and is good for detoxing the body.

Why is a holistic approach important to you?
The body is affected by the mind and emotions. So for me it has always been an important approach to treat the whole person, including how they feel about themselves, what attitudes they have to their life and how they choose to  relax and enjoy life. What inspires a person to be content and compassionate towards themselves and others. The body is a representation of how all that we think and feel as well as the habits that are produced by these things. Each person is individual and I always like to see where I can help that person to live at their full potential

What are your top 3 tips for living a healthy, calm and joyful life?

  1. Find a way to allow and accept with grace what life gives to us.
  2. Find a way to exercise the body that gives us pleasure and peace.
  3. Diet is essential for us to be fully healthy, so cut out refined sugar and too many carbohydrates which cause havoc with the natural flora in our gut.

Candida will be giving a Free Chavutti Thirumal/Kalari Uzichil demonstration at The Well Garden on Saturday 23rd January from 11.30am to 12.30pm – a great chance to see what the treatment is all about! There will also be an opportunity to get a short taster session for some of you if you wish to try it out. Contact us at to book your place. 

Candida is offering 20% off Chavutti Massage Treatments in January. Book now and enjoy a full body massage for £48 instead of £60! Contact us at 095 9735  to book an appointment.

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