Reflexology & Aromaflex with Alex



What inspired you to become a reflexologist?

Whilst previously working in television production, I became aware of the mental and physical impact that hectic and stressful industries can have on the mind, body and spirit. From a young age I had experienced complementary health services and my curiosity in the field developed. I have a natural desire to assist and guide people to a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle, and so I decided to leave the screens and retrain in reflexology.

Although only ever having reflexology once before, it was a large part of my life. My first experience was at the age of 15, receiving it at St Rocco’s hospice, Warrington very soon after my father passed away. Whilst going through such a difficult time, the treatment managed to transport me to a place of deep relaxation, a place to slow down and switch off from the traumatic time I was facing, for a moment I had forgotten about all of my worries and fears. It was a truly beautiful experience and the reason that I work with YouCan, a charity who supports young people (10-35) whose lives have been impacted by cancer. To be able to give that time and space to a person, where they can feel safe and switch off from their worries means so much to me.

What do you love most about the therapy / treatment you practice?

What i love most, is the love that goes into it. It is so rewarding to help people feel better than when they first entered the room. It’s amazing to see the transformation and the way someone blossoms under the caring touch of reflexology. I love just how gentle but how powerful the practice is. I like to think of it as a warm healing bath. Their whole appearance changes at the end of a treatment, their mood, energy and spirit is lifted. I also really love that the more I learn, the more I want to keep learning in order to give the most to my clients. I love the playfulness, creativity and intuition that is needed to pick the right techniques for that individual person at that particular time… the interaction with client, and all the wonderful people it has enabled me to interact with. Another reason I love it is that I often feel healed through doing a treatment, just as a client does from receiving it. Through connect with a client’s feet and their energy, it can feel as we are ‘one’. When in that quiet space, in a meditative space, I feel the energy just doing it’s thing, it feels like there is something far bigger, for more magical than just me applying the treatment. Once the treatment is done and everyone is glowing and the client reports how they felt sensations all over their body, how amazing they feel, I feel it too.  I feel very lucky to have discovered and to be able to share this practice.

What benefits have you seen from your treatments?

I have seen a real change in physical symptoms along with a shift in the emotional and mental state of my clients, particularly with clients who begin with having regular, weekly sessions. Reflexology works on a cumulative basis so each treatment builds on the benefits felt from the previous treatment.

Benefits I have seen:

  • Clients come for support with specific conditions have their symptoms relieved and in many cases, disappear. One example being insomnia, after a block of weekly sessions for 10 weeks, the individuals sleeping pattern was reintroduced and they found themselves sleeping for 6+ hours per night. Something that had not happened for many many years.
  • Receiving reflexology throughout the last 3 months of their pregnancy, right through to 5 hours before baby was born. Reflexology allowed them to stay calm, relaxed, supporting symptoms of pregnancy such as acid reflux and other digestive issues, staying grounded and balanced.
  • Learning how to manage stress levels and not allow it to rule their lives and take over their health.
  • After a block of 6 sessions, found the confidence and energy to start exercising again.
  • Having improved confidence.
  • Reflexology acting as a precaution – finding the onset of a cold/flu and using the correct tools to prevent the body from getting too ill.
  • Learning the importance of self care
  • Learning to nourish themselves correctly through exercise, food and connecting with the world.
  • Having restored energy levels, feeling recharged.
  • Finding the cause of long term (20 years)  health issues such as migraines through reflexology. With a mix of reflexology and referrals to other relevant practitioners, this was treated and migraines disappeared.

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