Robin Samson

Robin became interested in the Bowen Technique when faced with a serious knee injury. Using only Bowen and strengthening exercises given to him by his Bowen practitioner, he regained all functioning with very little residual discomfort.

As treatment progressed, it became clear it was having a positive effect on his general health, posture, flexibility and sense of well-being. On a very strenuous and demanding tour the technique brought ease and resonance back to his tight and exhausted voice overnight.

Subsequently training with Michael Patrick of Bowen Training UK, Robin became a full member of the Bowen Association UK and has since completed additional training in Sports Injuries, and Module 8, the first step on the way to the ‘Masters’ qualification in Bowen. His previous career as actor/singer and teacher of voice and presentation, together with 30+ years of learning, teaching and leading in the co-counselling movement, have given Robin excellent listening, communication and observational skills, body awareness, a deep sense of empathy and an understanding of the impact of life events and conditions on body, mind and emotions.

His clients have used Bowen to assist them in their recovery from many conditions, including sports injuries, back ache, postural challenges, unexplained pain, chronic urinary tract trouble, menstrual irregularity, stress, anxiety, mild depression, migraine and headaches among others.

To book a treatment with  Robin please call: 02030959735 or e-mail: