Sandra Keating

Sandra is a certified Reiki practitioner with training in both Western and Japanese lineages in the Usui System and Intuitive methods. She has studied at Reiki Academy London with Reiki Masters Torsten Alexander Lange and Anne-Marie Carruta of Reiki Light and given sessions in London, UK, Spain and Poland. Her most recent studies explore ReikiScience, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Her spiritual journey into Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation started over ten years ago with a health-related issue and she continues to explore what it means to live in balance in todays modern world. As a nature-based artist also practising environmental art therapy she strongly believes in how both our inner and outer environments can align. Since developing her Reiki practise it has led to a deeper core understanding of the positive effects that energy within and around us can bring to the mind-body when it’s in flow.

Supported with a reflective consultation process Sandra’s fluid approach is creative and integrative. Sandra works best for clients organically and intuitively using light movement or hand-positions trusting and exploring the subtle energies that exist. She embraces Reiki healing like an energy massage. It’s within and around all of us. A treatment with Sandra will leave you feeling more connected, relaxed, balanced and open to how intuitive Reiki works for you. Each session is tailored to the clients needs and may be as deep or subtle as the body needs.


45 mins – £50

60 mins – £60