Class Times:
Mondays 6:30 – 7:30pm Candlelit Slow Flow

I am trained as an ontological coach. Ontology is the study of being – so as an ontological coach, I will read beyond the stories you are bringing to the table. I will consider you as a whole person, how you are ‘being’ in the world. I will observe how your body language, emotions and the language you use are shaping your experience in the world and your perspectives.
You are a unique individual in the way that you view the world. Your personal history, your intuition, the cultures you grew up and now live in. All of these things shape your unique perspective.

I use the O – A – R model, which states the unique Observer that you take certain Actions in the world, which in turn produces certain Results.

Oftentimes, when we want things in life to be different, we think we need to change our actions. Do less of x, do more of y. Generally speaking, this is pretty hard to do, because we are more complex than that.

Rather than just discuss how to change your actions to produce the results you want, we will work together to shift the Observer that you are. Through ontological coaching, you will become familiar with your blind spots and get to know yourself on a deeper level, ultimately unlocking new possibilities for action.