Sound Therapy & Sound Meditation

We are proud to host two amazing Sound Practitioners at The Well Garden Benita Glogowska and Simone Salvatici

The Well Garden has a large spacious studio, home to the beautiful gongs that will be used in the session along with himalayan sound bowls, sound forks and many more sound tools to support your sound bath. We were one of the first studios in Hackney to provide sound services so we’ve been fine tuning and tailoring the sound sessions we hold for a while.

Come join us in the studio, click HERE to book or email to book a 1-1.


Sound therapy has been used as a tool for healing for thousands of years. It aids stress reduction by breaking up emotional blockages within the body and eases you into a state of meditation. The techniques used are tailored to help relax and yet stimulate the system, allowing for the stress hormones and Cortisol to reduce, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. This helps to slip into an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) similar to that before sleep or deep meditation. Brain waves lower their rate into Alpha and Theta where self healing, cellular repair / re-elaboration mode occurs.


Gong Meditation £15.00


First session of 90 min £85
Following sessions of 60 min £75