Sustainable Health


by Grazia Gatti

Homeopathist at The Well Garden

Our relationship with our own health is a journey through life. When we are in good health, we tend to take it for granted. And so we should. Health is what allows us to move through the world with freedom in what we do, express and experience.

There are times, however, when we do consider our sense of well-being (or the lack of it) more closely, often because we feel discomfort or pain either physical, emotional or mental. At other times, life simply brings health to the forefront, as recently seen through the collective experience of the pandemic, or through more personal experiences like births, deaths, transitions and changes of all kinds.

These are the points when we might look at health from another perspective, and we might want to explore alternative ways of restoring or maintaining the freedom we enjoy when we are in our good health.

I have been practicing homeopathy for over 20 years now and I am constantly amazed by the depth and effectiveness of this holistic system of medicine. Yet, only recently I realised how closely connected to the value of sustainability homeopathy is.

Let me explain what I mean. First of all, homeopathic remedies are produced in a completely sustainable way. Only a small amount of the original, natural substance is required to create ultra-high dilutions, involving just the use of water and a tiny amount of alcohol as a preservative: minimum impact on the planet, no pollution for the environment and no toxicity or side effects for the body. 

When it comes to how homeopathic remedies are used, there is no over-consumption. Because the action of homeopathy aims at stimulating our body to rebalance itself, remedies are just the catalyst for the healing process. They are always prescribed in the minimum dose required to set the process in motion, are not addictive and do not create dependency: highest impact with minimum intervention.

Finally, sustainability is also at the heart of the holistic nature of homeopathy. When I select a remedy for a client, I base my choice on the understanding of the whole person I am working with – mind, emotions and body together. In the homeopathic consultation, the process of looking at ourselves as an eco-system that cannot be simplistically divided into its constituent parts teaches us a profound respect for the life force that animates us, as it animates all other creatures and our planet.

Homeopathy is a beautifully sustainable form of medicine. If you would like to explore how homeopathy could help you, feel free to contact me and book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call. I will be happy to hear from you!

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