Szilvi Feher

As a Shiatsu practitioner Szilvia is dedicated to support her clients to find balance within themselves and to leave each session more and more tuned into their bodies and connected to their feelings.
She has a special interest in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care. Szilvia is dedicated to offer continuous support prior to pregnancy, throughout each trimester and postnatally and offer a space for mums and babies where all their needs are met through nurturing treatments.
Szilvia has a postgraduate diploma in Holistic Maternity Care and she also studied Baby Shiatsu (a developmental baby massage). Besides individual treatments she also teaches Baby Shiatsu to parents in groups and runs birth preparation workshops for birthing partners.


“I have been seeing Szilvi for 2 months for fertility issues. I look forward to each of my session as afterwards I feel so much better. I feel that she listens to the need of my body but also she is there to support the different emotions that come to the surface. I feel that my needs are met, that the treatment is in sync with the rhythm of my cycle. On a physical level, my pelvic area feels freer and less tight and my shoulders more open. On an emotional level, I feel more settled and calmer. These changes last for a while and it is as if she was kindly telling my body how it should be working. She is non-judgmental and attentive to my choices regarding fertility treatments. I would recommend Szilvi to women who are experiencing fertility issues as her kind and nurturing touch is so precious in such difficult times.”

Vanessa W., 36, Complementary therapist