The Well Garden is looking for a new partner/investor/managing director

Since starting The Well Garden in 2012, the centre has grown year on year.  Before closing the doors and going online in March this year, we had an average of 2000 people through the door each month and a very loyal community.  With our 28 mat yoga studio, 3 treatment rooms, including  a workshop studio, we have the space to add changing rooms and shower facilities, a second studio and even a cafe.  The possibilities are endlessly exciting.  

As my time and energy moves more towards Beden in Devon (a community for creatives and their families, and in time The Well Garden’s retreat space,, we are inviting partner/investors to join the team and head up The Well Garden in London.

If you are interested in becoming The Well Garden’s managing director and/or investing in The Well Garden, here is a letter to you,

Dear potential partner/investor

Lockdown may seem like a strange time to be sending out a call for partners/investors, but I had planned to send this in the spring, before any signs of coronavirus. It’s entirely possible that the person/s who might be interested could be rethinking their futures during this time, so it could potentially be exactly the right time for this to be dropping into your inbox. 

The Well Garden is a thriving yoga and treatment centre and there is so much exciting potential to further grow our space and community. We have a wonderfully talented and experienced group of teachers and therapists, many of whom have been working with us for years and many of which name us as amongst their favourite centres to work in.  Priscilla and Rosie, who manage the studio and the marketing and development, have a level of experience and dedication that one can usually only dream of as a studio owner. The reception team, many of whom have also been working with us for years, are committed, friendly and knowledgeable. The Well Garden team are incredibly hard working and their commitment and care for the community we work with is clear on a daily basis.  There is so much already in place and The Well Garden is ripe to be taken to a new level.  We are excited to welcome any partner/s with new energy and ideas to help grow the centre.

I am hoping to find one or more partners/investors based in London, who can lead The Well Garden on to new heights and am willing to hand over part, most  or even all of the business to the right person/people. Obviously bringing in new partner/s would take place in a reasonable timeframe, when lockdown is over and when we are trading again, but in the meantime this is the perfect time to start the conversation.. 

I’m very open to the potential set up and relationship, however I am sure of two things that must be present across the partners:

  • Anyone investing must have sufficient funds/time to commit to drive the development of the business
  • Any managing director/s must live in London and have financial resources to invest, either their own or already agreed with a partner they bring.

Anyone interested please contact me at for details.  Please make sure to include in your email what you feel you might be able to bring to the table in time, experience and finance and any questions you might have. 

Please do share this with anyone you think may be interested or know someone who might be.


Lily Lawson-O’Neil

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