Reiki treatments help keep us in mind-body flow

This month we have a new reiki therapist join us. Sandra is a certified Reiki practitioner with training in both Western and Japanese lineages in the Usui System and Intuitive methods.

Originating in Japan over a hundred years ago, Reiki is a non-evasive, gentle form of healing using hand techniques on or off the body to connect to a person’s energy flow.  It’s a simple and natural method of healing and self-improvement. Reiki is gaining momentum for it’s uniqueness and power to work with the universal energies that exist inside and outside all of us in helping the whole body –  the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body to regain harmony and balance.

Reiki treatments help keep us in mind-body flow. Treatments can make you feel lighter, feel brighter, uplifted and re-connected promoting increased relaxation and mental wellbeing. Reiki can also be an opening and cleansing treatment going deeper helping you unlock mental as well as physical blockages. Reiki goes beyond the surface and works on a cellular level it helps us to open up to the flow of life.

Sandra uses Intuitive Usui Reiki tools and has more of a creative fluid approach guided by instinct and intuition using light movement when working with clients to explore the subtle energies that exist. Dependent on the client’s needs sessions are often supported with a short consultation process after the treatment is given to offer time for any feelings or reflections.We met-up with Sandra for a cuppa so we could get to know her a bit better and learn more about her treatments:

Q.. What inspired you to become a practitioner?

Following on from some personal health issues and quite an intense anxiety period I was introduced to Reiki for the first time and after a number of sessions, my practitioner suggested I learn Reiki I for self-treatments. We did this over a period of time so that it would become a new way of life rather than something for me to learn over a weekend course. What I found was that giving this to others benefited not only the client but myself also – much more than when I was treating myself. Thus making it such a wonderful reciprocal sharing and connection. Neither person gives or takes energy, Reiki just flows through the client and teacher the same; it’s a beautiful harmony.

Q. What do you love most about the treatment you practice?

After training in traditional Usui methods Reiki I/II –  part of this being with Master Torsten Alexander Lange who also runs workshops teaching a more intuitive method using instinct, intuition and you could call it – universal guidance rather than prescribed hand positions really opened up my practice for me. The magic of Intuitive Reiki is organic, creative, and fluid. I use light movement and work with the body’s main energy centers. Every session is completely different and supported by a reflective consultation where things for the client can really open up.

Q. Who are your treatments aimed at?

Anyone and everyone. For those feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, busy and who just need some respite and calm to regain their balance in life. This could be a physical, emotional, mental or a spiritual need to get back into flow and your power. For people on a new life journey or who are feeling stuck in some way. Treatments can really help clear the path for new beginnings.

Q. What benefits have you seen from your treatments?

Reiki often gives people a spring back into their step. It can help identify or unlock things that sometimes people don’t realise need unlocking. I have seen such a wide variety of benefits from healing body aches and pains that may have surfaced due to mental or emotional blockages of some sort in turn promoting openness and clarity for particular life situations. Even subtle shifts help people feel lighter and brighter. One person described the treatment as purely charging an empty battery.

Q. What do you find is the most difficult thing about your practise?

As Reiki healing isn’t something we can physically see – in some ways it isn’t as tangible as many other holistic treatments such as a physical massage for example and sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand until they try it. That’s why to clients I describe it as an internal energy massage. My advice is to trust in the process and be open to the effects that Reiki can bring to you. 

Q. Why is a holistic approach important to you?

No problem be it physical or mental is manifested in isolation. When we have a back problem it can be related to an issue related to a fear of some sort. This can be a fear of changing jobs or something much deeper. This is why the holistic approach should be, if not a starting point, work in tandem with other traditional methods in order to promote full mind-body, inner-outer whole-being healing whenever needed.

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio?

I also work as a freelance picture editor and nature-based artist exploring environmental art therapy so to keep the live-work balance you can often find me going on long walks, outdoor swimming, enjoying the simple things in life or my guilty pleasure is a night in front of the tv watching some trash reality tv to really switch off. 

Sandra is offering Reiki treatments at The Well Garden every Friday and some Sundays. Give us a call on 0203 095 9735 for more information and to book.

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