Five things about Homeopathy that inspire me

By Homeopth, Grazia Gatti

I encountered Homeopathy as a patient 40 years ago and I have been a homeopath for 20 years now. The more I practice this amazing form of medicine, the more I appreciate its effectiveness and depth. Let me share 5 things that for me make Homeopathy the ideal form of medicine for a sustainable future.

  • Homeopathic remedies are NON TOXIC: homeopathy uses ultra-high dilutions. Recent scientific research suggests these work by carrying a form of electrical charge*. Most importantly, ultra-high dilutions allow us to use remedies safely and without side effects at any stage of life, starting from pregnancy, childhood and when it is needed alongside conventional drugs.
  • Homeopathy is SUSTAINABLE: remedies come from natural sources, they are not synthetically made and they are cruelty-free. They are produced by progressively diluting and shaking the original substance, nothing is added to them but a small quantity of pure alcohol as preservative.
  • Homeopathy is HOLISTIC: the choice of remedy is based on treating the whole person, mind and body together, because we are not a collection of separate parts, each to be treated in isolation. This is a different premise from conventional medicine where the emphasis is on treating the disease, not the person.
  • Homeopathy is NON ADDICTIVE: homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your mind and body to realign to health. Once your system is in balance again, it does not need to rely on an external drug as a crutch. For this reason, homeopathic remedies are taken infrequently and in the minimum dose necessary to re-establish balance.
  • Homeopathy is EMPOWERING: in the homeopathic consultation I work with a system of “personality mapping”. This exploration helps me as a practitioner to understand the person in front of me and to find the remedy that matches them as closely as possible. But it also helps clients to come to a better understanding of themselves, to trust their own sense of their body and mind, and to discover what they need to be healthy.

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