What to expect when you come for a treatment with us

Things are a little different these days, so here’s how it will work when you visit so there’s no surprises on the dayYou can also downloaded a handy PDF version HERE

And you can read what we’re doing to keep our community safe HERE

Before your Treatment:

Appointments are all booked in advance and 24 hrs before your treatment, you will receive an email with a link to a health questionnaire & waiver to complete. This is mandatory for each time you visit us.

Let your therapist know if someone will attend the appointment with you.

If you’re feeling under the weather with any of the following symptoms, please stay at home and email your therapist to re-arrange for when you are better.

New and persistent cough / Headache / sore throat / loss of taste or smell / muscles weakness.

When you arrive:

Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait outside the studio for your therapist. Don’t worry if the door is locked, they’ll be right down.

Please take this moment to use the handsantisier next to the entrance and pop your mask on. We are asking everyone to wear one during their visit.

Your therapist will greet you, do a quick temperature check and review your health questionnaire before you enter the building.

Please take your belongings up to the treatment room with you.

After your treatment:

You will pay the therapist directly. Card please, no cash

Once you are ready to go, your therapist will show the exit via the side door.

If you have any question on the above, please email info@thewellgarden.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you soon!